Dessertopia by 196below


Dessertopia by 196below

Steven Felice and Glenn Storey, founders of 196 Below have now opened the doors to DESSERTOPIA, in South Melbourne.

A one of a kind, one stop bar where all dessert dreams come to play together.
One that brings the happiness of awe and fun when you step in.
Thanks to the constant encouragement from the dessert community for a flagship store that can be visited any day.

At Dessertopia, be ready for an immersive and delicious experience!
Be amazed with rolling themes, parties, celebrations.

Stevie and his partner Glenn have been capturing hearts and palettes of Melbourne city with their events only venture featuring nitrogen ice cream and desserts since 2013.

Armed with passion to create sweet courses, bringing tradition mixed with creative
flourish, new dessert alternatives and atmosphere will be on offer at Dessertopia!
Interactivity is the key along with their many delicious original recipe desserts.

An experience that will be incredibly captivating and visually mesmerising to the senses.


Contact Information

342 Clarendon St