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South Melbourne Porsches & Coffee


South Melbourne, is kicking off the Grand Prix celebrations the weekend before the main event, with a “South Melbourne, Porsches & coffee” festival, where like minded Porsche enthusiasts can meetup in a relaxed Sunday atmosphere to show off their vehicles to visitors, the community, family and friends. Where all can enjoy the car scene over a coffee with many stunning vehicles to view on the day.

Clarendon Street is the gateway from the CBD to the Grand Prix and is perfectly positioned to become a main celebratory route for visitors attending the Grand Prix.

What better way to celebrate, than an affiliation with one of the most preeminent sports car companies racing in the Grand Prix with the Porsche Carrera Cup race series. South Melbourne, celebrating all things Porsche during the Australian Grand Prix and beyond!


Grand Prix & South Melbourne

South Melbourne, celebrating the Australian Grand Prix and beyond!